Details on Conversion to Judaism

The conversion was done at the end of Jan 2014

with ritual mikveh in Menado (Malalayang) sea and Ancol Jakarta Sea.

Consisting 5 groups of :

1. Kehila Britbracha Jakarta

2. Kehila Britbracha B'nei Yisrael Menado

3. Kehila Britbracha Amboina, Maluku

4. Beit Tefillah Lampung

5. Individuals from Surabaya, Kisar Island, Cirebon


The beit dinh :

Converting Rabbi : Rabbi Steven Jules Peskind, member of CCAR-Chicago

Mentoring Rabbi : Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg (Conservative)-Chicago

Witness : Benjamin Meijer Verbrugge, the chairman of the United Indonesian Jewish and Hebrew Community and Birth Beracha Congregations Indonesia

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