Jewish departments

Jewish departments in Tangerang and ADEK

European Jews, like other Europeans, were interned. Some German and Austrian Jews were not sent to the camps, because they were subjects of Axis powers. The same is true of the 'Baghdad Jews', who were regarded as Asians by the Japanese. Anti-Semitism did not play a role in Japanese culture, but under pressure from German diplomats, an anti-Jewish campaign was mounted in the Dutch East Indies in April 1943. By late 1943, the Jews in West Java who were still free, such as the Baghdad Jews, were interned in a camp in Tangerang, near Batavia (present-day Jakarta). In 1944, the internees in most of the camps, such as Tjideng, were required to declare whether they were Jewish. From March 1944 onwards, these Jewish women and children were transported from West Java to Tangerang, along with the Freemasons. When Tangerang was closed down in March 1945, the Jews there were sent to a camp called Adek, which was in Batavia. In these camps the Jews were held in separate barracks from the other internees, and the Baghdad Jews were in yet another separate division of the camp.

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