Oded Cohen

Oded Cohen was born in Malang, East Java. His father Maurits (Moshe) Cohen (1902-1965) came from Oldenzaal (Netherlands) and went to the Dutch East Indies in 1928 to work as a judge. Moshe had a passion for the Hebrew language and was a fervent Zionist. He spent his holidays in Palestine, where he met Rachel Cohen (1912-1987). In 1938 they married in Jerusalem, and she joined him in the Indies.
In early 1942, Moshe Cohen was conscripted into the KNIL, the Dutch military forces in the colony. That same year, he became a prisoner of war, and in the autumn, Odeed and his mother were interned in a school in Malang.

Oded Cohen would like to establish contact with some Dutch prisoners of war, who were employed by their Japanese captors as slave laborers in the jungles of Burma (most likely in connection with the infamous Thai-Burma Railway works or road constructions) and saved my late Father. Those POW's, sick and famished, performed the heroic task of carrying his very sick Father on a stretcher through the jungle across a distance of 150km to a military field hospital in Chunkai (phonetically written by my Father as Tjoenhai) in Thailand. (Thailand). Thanks to them, his Father survived. See this page for his story.

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